Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hope Which Only Last For 5 Minutes

There's a girl, means a lot to me. Although she disappoints me a lot.

While today after school, something happened. She waited me and walked with me together.

I wasn't really very happy on it although I was hoping for it long time ago,
but at least, it made me feels a little relieved.

About 5 minutes later,

a guy came from behind, and they talked and laughed,
and walked in a faster pace.

And once again,
I'm left behind watching her talking and laughing around with other people.

Just when she fixed my heart a little, she breaks it even more.

Having the feeling of losing the thing while I'm having it.

What a day.

The end. Thanks for reading.
Wasn't here for quite awhile.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Still Have Fate On It

It has been about a year ago.

Giving tuition on weekdays,
not doing it for the pay,
but for the experience,
communicating skills,
and most importantly
made quite a number of new friends.

" Hi teacher!!!",
greetings from my student in school.

( some of my student are studying at the same school with me )

It made me feels relieved.
Students still remember me
after quite some time.

Students and me,
saying Hi with each other,
nothing much, but why,
Even myself,
I seldom greet the teacher in the school.

Feels kinda shame of myself.

By the way,
let back to the main topic.

I started giving tuition again.
Had five Year 1 student.
Three of them are Indians,
and guess what subject I'm teaching?

Yes, I'm not lying.
They are really cute,
the way they pronounce the Chinese words,
the way they asked questions.
So cute, so clean,
without any hidden motive.
All they want is just happiness.
Teaching them are really much more enjoying.

Unlike the tuition centre I went last time.
Well, not to mention so much about
unhappy memories.

My new boss,
is a quite good person.
She is fierce, but cute,
and have a sense of humour too.
My pay was quite good,
so far everything still going on the right path.

And I still have the fate on teaching.

I know today's post is a bit long,
but words keep popping out of my mind,
and I just wrote them all out.


Thanks for reading.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Revolution of CNY

Happy Chinese New Year everyone.
Another year has passed, and another year had came.

For me,
I'm not really in the CNY mood yet,
even though its beginning of a new year already.

My family,
especially my dad.
I don't know why,
why is he always the mood spoiler.

Going back hometown during CNY suppose to be
in a happy environment,
but end up rushing back,
and something was left at home.
Until just now still keep arguing, blaming each other.
What a year.

Revolution of CNY,
many youth changed.
Many of them seldom concern about the real meaning of new year,
their main concern is,
how much angpau money they can get.

While at the mean time,
Adults are so well behaved in front of others,
but many unseen stories in between it.
There are many silly arguments behind all those fake smiles.

People nowadays are very money-minded,
facing difficulties on tolerating with others,
very likely to hold really firm on
what they think is correct.

There are really many more things
I saw,
I realise,
but can't write it all out at once.

Give me some time,
I will work it out for you people
who enjoy reading about
my true feelings & stories here.

Thanks for reading, and
once again,
Wish you all had a real truly Happy Chinese New Year.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Its Sunday

Today is Sunday, it's a normal and simple Sunday.

Just had sausage with bread,
some sliced cucumber,
a small drink
and some music for my lunch.

Just a simple meal,
on a simple day,
and it's
what I want.

Tidying up my messy bed after lunch.
Not to forget my desk too.

This are what Sundays suppose to be,
at least for me.
Getting things done in a slow pace,
just for today.

There had been rushing for
quite some time, since last holiday.
Finally, now
I had some time,
my own time
for myself.

Not spending too much time here
for today;
Still got half a Sunday
waiting me to enjoy it.

Thanks for reading.
Wish you had a happy Sunday.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Difference Nor ?

Its a brand new year,
I saw many things changed.
People, market trend,
way of doing things,
and even myself too.

Well, physically I didn't changed that much.
Still having similiar hair style,
same specs, same smile on the same face.

But, my thinking are different now.
I can feel that the way
I judge the state of affair are different.
All of a sudden, I think that
everything happens for some reasons,
or at least an objective.

We need to see it in different views.
There are always complicated details in a simple things.
But, why?
Why can't we just make it
more simple, and easier.

Why are people keep demanding for more,
but seldom commit to others?
Why can't they be satisfy and grateful of what they have?
What a simple thing, and
there are so many things related into it.

For me,
I will continue doing the things that I think it right.
I will do things without asking for pay back,
but it doesn't means I will do everything.
I'm not being selfish,
it just I got nothing to lost.

Thanks for reading,
Have a nice day.

Sunday, January 2, 2011




New Year, New Aims

I realized and learned a thing at the end of last year,
That is not to be so persistent.

Things will not always go according to what we planned.
we won't able to get things we want most of the time,
because everything is interrelated to each other.

Too many conditions, too many backgrounds...

What we can do is just to manipulate us,
so that we can keep our pace with the change.

Year of 2011,
an important year again.

Will be taking an exam,
which decides where will I be for the following years.

I know its really crucial.
I will give all out, and do the best for it.
I said it, I meant it.

Another aim of this year is,
I want to say goodbye to Mr Lonely.
Really need someone,
which we can share everything with each other,
joy and sorrow...

Okay, that's it for now.
Gotta sleep. Good nights people.

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