Friday, January 14, 2011

Difference Nor ?

Its a brand new year,
I saw many things changed.
People, market trend,
way of doing things,
and even myself too.

Well, physically I didn't changed that much.
Still having similiar hair style,
same specs, same smile on the same face.

But, my thinking are different now.
I can feel that the way
I judge the state of affair are different.
All of a sudden, I think that
everything happens for some reasons,
or at least an objective.

We need to see it in different views.
There are always complicated details in a simple things.
But, why?
Why can't we just make it
more simple, and easier.

Why are people keep demanding for more,
but seldom commit to others?
Why can't they be satisfy and grateful of what they have?
What a simple thing, and
there are so many things related into it.

For me,
I will continue doing the things that I think it right.
I will do things without asking for pay back,
but it doesn't means I will do everything.
I'm not being selfish,
it just I got nothing to lost.

Thanks for reading,
Have a nice day.

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