Sunday, December 5, 2010

Well, I know

Well, second camp had just over.
During this time, all of us need to write

our feelings,
some significant things happened on that day, and

pass it up to the teacher at the end of the day.

I wrote my feelings and things I wanted to present on my journal

and, from teacher's comment,

I can feel that its encouraging me to do better.
However, things that mentioned,
I'm already doing it most of the time, I'm not trying to be proud here.
They also mentioned, behind every success person,
there are sorrows which other people don't know.
I guess, I am facing some of it now.

The following camp,
not much focus on learning new things,
but to gain more experience.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Will Be Myself

It has been for some time,
keeps on doing things that
I'm not so happy with it.

Just because they asked,
and I had to get through so many things.

Yes, I do learnt things, gained new experience from it,
but, I think I can learn it with some other happy ways.

Never mind,
from now on,

I won't keep doing things that people asked me to.
I will think before I take any action.
I will not keep on tolerating other people.
The one that will not care what other people thinking about me.
Yes, this is me, the real me.
The happier me..

End of the post.
Thx for readin'
Hav'a nice day.

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