Sunday, November 28, 2010

At Home At last

At last,I'm home.
Just went for a training camp. I'm the assistant organiser of game session.
I take part in most of the activities.

Basically, my job is to
prepare stuffs for following lessons,
make sure things flowing according to schedule
and a little part of everything.

However, I still don't quite know why am I doing all of it.
Actually, I'm still not feeling that good, still not so happy at there.
Still feels lonely. Besides, I don't have a group. I'm a teacher already,
this made me even more lonely.

So far, I think the only reason
I'm going is just to test my ability on doing and managing things.

End of the post.
Thanks for reading.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Why am I doing all these?

Recently going to have a few camps during my holidays.
Its a voluntarily job, where I worked as a teacher at there.
And these few camps filled up most of my holiday.

At first, I'm doing all this, because I know for sure its a good thing, its a right thing to do.
However, I'm starting to doubt about it. Why am I keep doing all this.
My friends keep asking me, but I can't give them an good answer which can satisfy them, and I can't find a good point for me going there either,
other then its a good thing.

For quite a number of years I had been going to the camps organised by them.
Teacher at there are friendly, but some friends at there make me kinda disappointed.
I really don't know why some people still so selfish at there, likes looking down on people which are not so 'famous', such as me.
C'mon, I didn't owe you anything.

Maybe this year is the final year I'm going to these camp at there, because end of next year I will be having an important exam.
The following year, I don't even know where am I gonna be.

Now, I will do all my best for the following 5 camps.I will really work hard for it, and the end.

By me, thanks for reading,
have a nice day.

Monday, November 1, 2010

MR Lonely

I might be in a crowd,
I might be sitting by the table with bunch of friends,

still feels loneliness.

I got no idea why this happened to me.

I had quite a lot of friends, but when hanging out with them,
I still feels lone. All of them sitting together,
while I always just sitting at aside, looking them laugh and chat.

It make me feel like I'm just a nobody that no one wanna to concern.
No one to depend on, no one to rely on.
Just doing almost all the thing by my own.

Thanks for reading,
has been in a negative mood for some time.

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