Thursday, February 3, 2011

Revolution of CNY

Happy Chinese New Year everyone.
Another year has passed, and another year had came.

For me,
I'm not really in the CNY mood yet,
even though its beginning of a new year already.

My family,
especially my dad.
I don't know why,
why is he always the mood spoiler.

Going back hometown during CNY suppose to be
in a happy environment,
but end up rushing back,
and something was left at home.
Until just now still keep arguing, blaming each other.
What a year.

Revolution of CNY,
many youth changed.
Many of them seldom concern about the real meaning of new year,
their main concern is,
how much angpau money they can get.

While at the mean time,
Adults are so well behaved in front of others,
but many unseen stories in between it.
There are many silly arguments behind all those fake smiles.

People nowadays are very money-minded,
facing difficulties on tolerating with others,
very likely to hold really firm on
what they think is correct.

There are really many more things
I saw,
I realise,
but can't write it all out at once.

Give me some time,
I will work it out for you people
who enjoy reading about
my true feelings & stories here.

Thanks for reading, and
once again,
Wish you all had a real truly Happy Chinese New Year.

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