Saturday, February 26, 2011

Still Have Fate On It

It has been about a year ago.

Giving tuition on weekdays,
not doing it for the pay,
but for the experience,
communicating skills,
and most importantly
made quite a number of new friends.

" Hi teacher!!!",
greetings from my student in school.

( some of my student are studying at the same school with me )

It made me feels relieved.
Students still remember me
after quite some time.

Students and me,
saying Hi with each other,
nothing much, but why,
Even myself,
I seldom greet the teacher in the school.

Feels kinda shame of myself.

By the way,
let back to the main topic.

I started giving tuition again.
Had five Year 1 student.
Three of them are Indians,
and guess what subject I'm teaching?

Yes, I'm not lying.
They are really cute,
the way they pronounce the Chinese words,
the way they asked questions.
So cute, so clean,
without any hidden motive.
All they want is just happiness.
Teaching them are really much more enjoying.

Unlike the tuition centre I went last time.
Well, not to mention so much about
unhappy memories.

My new boss,
is a quite good person.
She is fierce, but cute,
and have a sense of humour too.
My pay was quite good,
so far everything still going on the right path.

And I still have the fate on teaching.

I know today's post is a bit long,
but words keep popping out of my mind,
and I just wrote them all out.


Thanks for reading.

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